Online Ordering Made Precise To Restaurants

Get Your Web Ordering System For Restaurant Busines
Use our online ordering system to increase restaurant business growth and track business ratio from the report. Create brandish of your menu and promote, it becomes easy to select items from menu. Enhance your website potential and get listed on social networking to make sure you are on the spot. This online ordering system involves an easy checkout option for every customer and is user-friendly
Features Rich Website Ordering

Everything you need to do is just accept an online order for your restaurant with your very own website.

Easy Order Management

You can manage every online order easily without any manual errors.

Quick Menu Setup

Will help you to update your respective menu by yourself very easy with just one click.

Customer Profile

et every user can manage their profiles and save their multiple addresses for placing Delivery Orders.

Order History

All previous orders which are placed by the customers are automatically saved.

Customer Feedback

Collect feedbacks and reviews from your customer very easily from your own restaurant website.

Gallery Creation

Fascinate your customers with your menu images and delight their taste buds with gallery images.

Your Restaurant’s Own Online Ordering System

Your Menu, Our Features: A Recipe For Success

The best is, when you mix and match varieties. If you have this option for your business why not try it? Let us automate the tasks, let you concentrate on other verticals- the best is ready to serve.

What Does Your Website Offer Your Customer?

Your customers are searching your restaurant online, show them varieties with our Ontabee software and turn your visitors as customers.

Influence Of Branded Online Ordering

Foodering provides you a branded online ordering system with customer analytics, marketing automation and distinct features to improve your business’ revenue.

Boost Your Takeaways

Our goal is to help you enhance the process of orders, and to give your customers the multiple ways in order placing the mobile applications.

Merge Your Restaurant Orders

Online orders are generally higher than telephone orders. By executing online ordering software to your restaurant, you’ll have the possibility to market specific menu items, process group orders and even use marketing automation to increase sales.e.

Let Your Customers Order Directly From Your Website

With your own branded online ordering software, your customers can place orders directly on your website instead of third-party aggregators and its commission free.

Process Of Foodering
Don’t Have The Website For Restaurant Yet?
Online Ordering Made Compatible:
How It Works

Foodering provides everything you need to boost your revenue with the perfect website ordering system and restaurant website solution.

Customer places their order on your restaurant website with the help of any devices.

A customer can pay via online for their order items and admin transfer the payment to the restaurant account.

The restaurant receives notification of their customer order and prepares order item for pickup or delivery.