online ordering and delivery system helps your business sell more

We help you reduce the cost from third party commissions with your own branded website!

  • No commission

  • No long term contract

  • Unlimited orders

  • Instantly receive your orders and have it printed

  • Money goes straight to your own merchant account

  • Pay by cash, card or online payment

Turn Your Third Party Platform Customers Into Your Own

Third party sites like JustEat and Deliveroo taking too much commission? Well, take back control of your revenue and start gaining your own customers by setting up an online ordering system of your own! With our help, you’ll have a pristine, fully functioning site built and published in no time!

Don’t Have Time Or Simply Can’t Be Bothered To Learn Web Design?

Don’t worry we have you covered!

We will build and create the website for you which will incorporate all the necessary features like SEO optimisation, online payment system, menu setup and much, much more!

One system to rule them all

With Foodering’s single platform, you can accept and manage every type of online order.

Pick up

Order for colllection directly in store either due ASAP or at a later time


Order delivery to a specific address within you pre-configured delivery charge and zones

Table Reservations

We can integrate our table reservations feature into your site if you decide to

Dine in

Customers are able to easily order online before they even get to your resturant