Build & Manage Your Online Food Ordering Software For Free
Our Rich Featured Online Ordering System Includes

Unlimited orders & category

You can add new orders and categories without any limit. Get access to your customer's order instantly with our online ordering system.

Mobile responsive

Let your customer use their mobile app to place orders anytime anywhere. Get modernized with Foodering.

Sales optimized website

Get instantly build an optimized website to generate more business with our restaurant ordering system.

Website ordering system

Easily integrate our online restaurant ordering system to your website and start taking business orders.

Branded mobile app

Let your customer use their mobile app to place orders anytime anywhere. Get modernized with Foodering.

Unlimited outlets

You can easily manage multiple branches and take orders at one place using vendor backend.

User-friendly checkout

Our restaurant ordering system has a user-friendly checkout page allowing you to maximize your conversation.

Advanced promo option

Our premium user gets benefitted with advanced promo option. This feature can take your business to the next level.

Item import

You can upload N the number of items from the backend easily. No need to add the items manually.

Phone call order

Admin can place an order on behalf of the customers from the backend by getting order details via phone call.

Loyalty points conversion

While customer placing an order each customer can earn loyalty points, admin can convert those loyalty points into normal money.


Digital wallet offers a feature-rich, secure, intuitive and convenient payment experience to the customer.

Item time slot management

For the particular slot time the item get displayed on the front end for the customers. After that slot time, the item gets disappeared.

Update banner from backend

The admin can add various images from backend which are showcased on the front end as a sliding banner.

Date based category setup

The particular set of a category will be displayed based on that particular date. Admin can enable or disable it from the backend.

Branch based item setup

Admin can manage different types of items based on multiple branches. Each branch has its own item setup type.

Table reservation

Admin provides an option for the customer to book a table in advance to have a table available at the restaurant. So that customer doesn't have to wait.

Manage package charge

Admin offers personalized package service to customers. Those package charges are managed separately from the backend.

Order feedback

Admin can gather personalized feedback on orders status from customers. This feature lets you know what the customer thinks about your business.

Comments field for allergic food

The customer is provided with the option to let know the admin about the customer’s allergenic foods. such foods can be avoided during preparation.

SMS gateway setting

The SMS gateway integration can be done from the backend by providing the SMS gateway API key details.

Minimum cart value

The order is defined by the smallest amount or number that may be ordered in one delivery. The customer to maintain minimum value for products before checkout.

Social media login

Social media login feature helps in increasing user registration on your online food ordering system. The customer can directly sign up using social media.

Live chat setting

The live chat code can be integrated from admin back end. The complete live chat settings can be managed and monitored.

Payment gateway setting

The Payment gateway integration can be done from the backend by providing the Payment gateway API key details.

Cart management

Our online food ordering system’s cart management provides you to view all the carts. Its functionality to filter, view details and manage the order.

Set Tax value

The admin can set the Tax value amount from the backend.

App settings

Admin can easily manage time zone, hour format, currency code, currency format, distance unit, email id, contact number, contact address, image.

E-mail setting

Smtp host, SMTP encryption, SMTP port, SMTP user name, SMTP password are maintained and managed under E-mail settings.

Ingredient group

Multiple sets of ingredients can be added under a single group named ingredient group. This ingredient group can be made enabled on the front end.

Analytics setting

The analytics code is integrated from admin back end. The admin can keep track of statistical data of the customers entering an online food ordering website.

Send push notification

Admin can send a push notification to the customers notifying the food order status, food delivery status and any offer messages.

Currency code management

The currency code management provides the functionality to support multiple currencies so that admin can do business internationally.

Add ingredient group to an item

The set of ingredient group can be added to an item. Item image, item name, category name, date & time are maintained under it.


The food menu image, banner image, ingredient image, can be uploaded from backend, which gets displayed on the gallery page. It helps to attract the customer.

Manage image slider

The multiple banner image slider of online food ordering system can be managed from the backend. The admin can upload images anytime.

Newsletter subscription

Newsletter subscription feature lets to track subscribers and send the customers a message based on the pricing, offers and other details.

QR Code

It is the simplest and smart way to navigate the item and plan order from customer mobile app for saving customer's time.

Manage delivery boy

he admin can manage the delivery boy. The delivery boy profile details, branch, phone number, email id are managed here.


The customer reviews and ratings help admin to understand how customers feel about their food ordering system and their menu.


To overcome your competition and save customers time by providing your customer to order prior. Pre-order feature attracts and satisfy customers.

Stock availability

The admin can easily get to know the availability of the stock status details. Whether the stock is available or not.

Manage CMS page

The content management system is an application that is used to manage content, which can be easily created, edited and published.


The admin can track report based on the hour wise, total order, total sales. The reports can be easily exported to excel, jpg or png format.

I Am Interested, Want To Know The Price?
Extensive Features For Added Benefits
Get detailed feedback from your customer directly with your online ordering software.
Foodering provides you the system with 15+ language.
Multiple Time Slots
Each restaurant (Outlet) can fix multiple time slot for a particular location for the delivery purpose.
Multiple Access Control
Admin (Restaurant Owner) can allocate each to the multiple branches which like Branch Manager, Branch Supervisor.
Multiple Location Selections
Each restaurant(outlet) can fix multiple locations for delivery services as per their available.
No Commission
With your own online ordering system, you don’t have to pay commission to the third party for each & every order.
Order Notification
You will receive an instant notification to your dashboard, once customer place an order.
Multiple Access Control
Admin (Restaurant Owner) can allocate each to the multiple branches which like Branch Manager, Branch Supervisor.
Get Online
Your online ordering website for your restaurant. Your app. You can get in your own brand name.
Backend Solution
The restaurant can manage all your orders & bill smoothly, everything integrated into one place.