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Online Ordering Systems For Restaurants – Admin

Foodering’s web-based admin panel gives full control to manage the software and can create CMS pages. It allows you to monitor and track entire online restaurant ordering & delivery system in real time. Manage your subsidiaries, menu items, customer details and delivery staff at a place.

Multiple location selections, Multiple time slots – Multiple access control

General Setting

Super admin dashboard is provided with complete end to end setting for better business management. Admin has access control for below-mentioned features. They are

Access Control
Access control has two section. They are

Role – Super admin (Restaurant owner) can allocate each role to the different branch user (like branch manager).

Administrator – It’s giving different access control to each and every branch user (branch manager) role in this section.

Master Section
In master section, admin can add multi-branch, the different category which relates to their restaurant menu items, add extra ingredients to enrich the food item quality level, add a coupon with respective menu item offers, add coupon branch, add daily offers.

Admin (Restaurant Owners) can add menu item list which is different for a different branch, they can enable/disable menu item which depends upon a branch.

In customer section, admin can view every customer details (Name, Email Address) which is created by all the branch manager (branch admin), also can view the status of each customer.

Admin can manage customer order which contains the order number, customer name, branch name, order date & time of all the branch, admin can maintain status report too whether the order delivered or accepted or rejected or still in pending.

Delivery Boy
Admin can include each delivery boy in this section with the details of delivery staff name, email address, phone number. Admin can also track each and every delivery boy.